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Did You Know?
Google runs many servers, and updates them at different times. Check your PR on over 20 Google servers!

Run lots of Web sites?
No problem! Use our Multiple PageRank Checker tool to check up to 25 sites at once.

Free PageRank on Your Site?
That's right, using our Free PageRank Display lets you display PageRank on your Web site in many styles, and takes just a minute! This is one of the great free SEO Tools

PageRank for Outgoing Links?
Check PageRank for all outgoing links from an URL with the powerful PageRank Crawler.

Web Sites Faking PageRank?
Our Fake Rank Checker can check any URL for faked PageRank and give you the current status.

PageRank Checker

Check your PageRank on over 20 Google servers at once

Multiple PageRank Checker

Check PageRank for up to 25 separate domains

Free PageRank Display

Free Google PageRank Display for your Web site

PageRank Crawl

Get the PageRank of an URL and all outgoing links

Fake PageRank Checker

Check an URL for fake PageRank

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